Government Industry Agreement For Readiness and Response (GIA)

GIA Website – www.

Government Industry Agreement (GIA)

GIA operates as a partnership between primary industry and government to manage pests and diseases that could badly damage New Zealand’s primary industries, economy, and environment.

Under GIA, Signatories share the decision-making, responsibilities and costs of preparing for – and responding to – biosecurity incursions. By working in partnership, industry and government can achieve better biosecurity outcomes.


GIA Secretariat

The GIA Secretariat is an independent body established to serve the interests of GIA Signatories and facilitate the implementation of the partnership.The Secretariat leads the development and adoption of policies, systems and processes to implement GIA and the Deed for the GIA partnership, under the guidance of the Deed Governance Group (DGG).

Secretariat Staff

Steve Rich
Manager, GIA Secretariat
Tel: +64 4 894 0419
Mob: +64 21 445 180

Rowena Burton
Executive Officer
Tel: +64 4 819 4211
Mob: +64 27 836 3585

Rebecca Wills
Executive Officer
Tel: +64 4 894 0880
Mob: +64 22 014 2595

MPI contact for GIA operational matters and GIA applications

Meredith Elley
Team Manager GIA Partnerships & Readiness Delivery
(Ministry for Primary Industries)
Tel: 04 830 5981
Mob: +6422 012 8835

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