Equine Biosecurity Workshop EI 2019

Application by The New Zealand Equine Health Association for a Levy Order under Section 100ZD of the Biosecurity Act 1993

An economic analysis of a contingency model utilising vaccination for the control of equine influenza in a non-endemic country – Sarah M. Rosanowski, Tim E. Carpenter, David Adamson3, Chris W. Rogers, Patricia Pearce, Martin Burns, Naomi Cogger

EHV_McFadden_NZVA_June 2014

Updated NZ Self declaration EVA freedom

trishpearce NZVAconf ehv 1

GIA Equine industry consultationTB

Equine Disease Tipping point

EHM in New Zealand- what next

2.1.a.Levy.GIA and the Biosecurity Act

2.1.b.GIA Setting a Fiscal Cap

2.1.c.GIA Mandate and Eligibility

5.1.Evidence for absence of EVA in NZ.VJ 61 (5)

Final Deed 30 June 2013


NAWAC Equines Code Public Draft FINAL PDF

NZEHA Position Statement on the Welfare of Horses Exported from NZ The use of vaccination as a response tool


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